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Some people create “bucket lists” – a list of things that they want to do, see, experience, or learn before they die. I’m a little bit too young to be that morbid, but I recognize the importance of having specific goals and dreams. I figured that sharing a list of these goals with you all would give me even more incentive to accomplish them.

  1. Get published in an internationally known publication.
  2. Start my own business.
  3. Write a book about education.
  4. Be able to speak Spanish fluently.
  5. Travel to a foreign country and learn the native language.
  6. Create a piece of art that somebody thinks is truly beautiful.
  7. Sew myself a little black dress.
  8. Learn to swing dance.
  9. Have a pet snake.
  10. Record and release a song.
  11. Throw a party that’s that talk of the town. (Really, am I living in the 50’s or what?)
  12. Create a personal style/aesthetic.
  13. Collect every album, single, LP, and anything else by the Velvet Underground, Belle & Sebastian, and Spoon.
  14. Be moved to tears by a book or story.
  15. Help a friend out of a tough situation.
  16. Write,  create, and perform my own puppet show.
  17. Fill up 15 notebooks.
  18. Be totally selfless for a day.
  19. Act in a film.
  20. Run ten miles.
  21. See the Horrors perform in England.
  22. Be moved to tears by a concert.
  23. Meet Beth Gibbons.
  24. Create a short film.
  25. Teach a class.
  26. Be a major thorn in the side of the Texas Education Agency (TEA)

This list will grow dramatically. Trust me.

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