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Current Project(s)

Here I’ll let you in on what’s occupying my time and thoughts. I hope to design a lot of projects (essays, research assignments, etc.) for myself this coming year – both academic and not-so-academic. When I create something I think is worth sharing, I’ll post it here and ask for your feedback.

  • This. Right here. I put a lot of time, effort, and serious thought into this blog. Writing about what I want to write about is really fun and rewarding, but I’m also trying to write things that are accessible and enjoyable to read. I like to think that sharing my thoughts and experiences will be helpful or enlightening for some people.
  • I’m writing album reviews for a local music blog called Space City Rock. I really enjoy getting the writing experience (and the free music!) but it’s not easy. I’m beginning to realize that good album reviews entail not only opinion, but also real research about the musician and their history, influences, etc. I try to get the reviews written promptly, but often I’m stuck with writer’s block. It’s definitely a learning experience.
  • Photography is a big hobby of mine, but recently I haven’t been shooting as much. Mostly this is because I shoot with film, which is expensive and very time-consuming when it comes to developing and enlarging. But I’m trying to be diligent about taking my camera with me wherever I go, and not being too stingy with film usage. Hopefully I’ll have a few good rolls by the end of the summer.
  • I’ve been interested in crafting for quite a while, and recently sewing has taken up a good part of my time. I’ve mostly just altered thrift store treasures, but I’ve also started making skirts from scratch, and I feel like I’m definitely getting better.
  • I’m working on choreographing a dance piece for a competition put on by a local dance company. I’ve never done dance before, so it should be interesting…
  • I’m a DJ at the Rice University radio station, KTRU. I’ve just started, but it’s really fun. You can hear my show, Fridays from 11-2, here.
  • I’m currently building a Weird Sound Generator – a synthesizer kit made by Music From Outer Space. It promises to provide hours of beeping, buzzing, gurgling fun.

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